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Surface RT Carrying Case

Agave Azul

Surface, RT Carrying Case

Just for doing so, I always prefer to protect my portable computers.

With that, I went out today looking for a suitable carrying case for my new SP2.

I found and purchased a Belkin 12" carry case.

The SP2 fits perfectly inside one of the protective slotted areas.

In another compartment, I am able to fit nicely my charging device with cords.

I'll post an image of it and the part # for it later.
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Agave Azul

Agave Azul

Sorry for the large images...

I just discovered that the front of this case has another zipper pouch, with more than enough room for my cell phone.

It has a few pockets inside that will allow me to carry a paper notepad, writing utensils, etc.

Its light-weight and very portable.

Good protection overall.

Hope this is helpful


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I had a very similar case and I used it as my carry on bag, carry everywhere bag becasue of the extra space for work papers, cell, camera, etc. The case I had was very durable and well constructed.
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