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problems launching Windows Store


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Hello everybody, I just got my Microsoft Surface RT, 64GB and I am having problems with opening Store. When I try to open it, it shows the message that I am not connected to Internet. There are no problems with internet, as I can go online without problems. I tried troubleshooting and Run-wsreset.exe, nothing works. I would like to browse some apps and upgrade my windows. Did somebody experience the same problem and would be willing to help me out? Thank you.


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Well, I am not sure as to why you cannot access the store, but there are problems with the 8.1 upgrade, particularly for the RT, which is why MS has apparently temporarily withdrawn it - had something to do with corrupting the machine. You can find more information on this in some of the threads. I think you may need to wait for a few days before MS issues an error-free version of the upgrade. Note also that some of us were able to upgrade without any problems at the very initial stages when MS first made the upgrade available through the store. I guess we were just plain and simple lucky. Others were not so because when they downloaded and attempted to install the upgrade, their machines got screwed up.