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Surface RT not detecting keypresses or start button presses


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Help please! My surface will not detect key presses from either of two Type Covers (1st gen and 2nd gen), and the 2nd gen one is brand new. The mouse cursor does move however. The backlight comes on but I can not press Ctrl+Alt+Del or Win+Power because it will not detect either IO. I am locked out of my surface because I have Secure Login turned on in Netplwiz. Please keep in mind that I cannot do anything with the keyboard OR start/windows button. External keyboards are also not detected. Any help is much appreciated.
After a hard restart the external keyboard is detected. Type cover still is not.
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This worked for me; refresh the tablet with the keyboard attached. Make certain in Ease of Access settings that Filter Keys is turned off. I had the same issue with my wife's and this resolved the problem.