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Surface RT Wifi Issues - This is getting old . . .


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Anybody else still suffering from losing wifi connections which cannot be restored without a reboot. Seems mine occur intermittantly, usually coming out of standy. As we come up on the year anniversay of this device (End of Oct) I am surprised that we are still having to deal with these issues that should have been resolved by now.
mine is working flawlessly! maybe you got a defective device being the wifi? I've had mine for quit awhile and not once in all this time have I lost a connection...even when it's tethered to my Samsung Galaxy note 2 I've never lost the connection... still have a warranty on your device? I would recommend getting it fixed.
Bought my son a Surface RT for college. 2nd week in he's having trouble connecting to the school's wireless. Can't even make it to the "room" to enter login info/password. He did say he had just installed an update prior to these issues. Sounds like something in the update may have screwed something up. Any suggestions??
Nopes...no problem with my RT at the moment. I connect to the Univ. wireless network, at home, and at various coffee shops/ cafes etc.
My RT does do that sometimes but only when connected to a 5Ghz WiFI. The 2.4Ghz works fine with no issues. Don't know why it does that but it is rare it does.
Some people still do have problems, but that's a minority, so the "we" reference must be minimal. If it's not a problem with the network (a whole other set of troubleshooting), and both refreshing/patching doesn't help, it could be a problem with the unit itself; best to call MS especially while the unit is still under warranty. Which means one year, by the way, so I'd get calling.

MS customer support for Surface by now has the reputation of being very good, at least.
The only time I have connection issues is when something else is being a problem (such as the mobile data network not working, or my wifi router needing a power cycle) The RT itself has connect without a problem.
I've had Issues off and on with different firmware installs and when it did occur disabling and re-enabling the wireless adapter or disconnecting reconnecting to the AP fixed the issue. Since 8.1 preview install I haven't had any issues.

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Never had issues with WiFi on my RT. I am using the 8.1 preview and even on 8 I never noticed connection issues. Might be a hardware issue where others on the forum had found out when their RT was checked.