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Surface Software Update is SPOT ON


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This morning I woke to an update in which part of it was the Surface software. I can now take control of what my pen does with regards to clicking and holding the top. Truly marvelous. See the picture for a brief overview. Let me know what you think. Is there other pen apps that will allow me to further customize my pen. Is there a way to use my Pen to "Scroll" webpages and other documents etc?

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Hi guys, I have this update and have changed the pens button to load onenote 2016 instead of metro. Like everything else this surface pro4 launch, it's one step forward 2 steps.... to the side!

So now I can open Onenote 2016, with the pen button, when my surface pro 4's screen is on. But when it's asleep (screen off) pressing the button still loads the metro version... which makes the update pretty much useless for me. The only time I want to use the button on the pen to bring up onenote, is when the surface is off. Is this behaviour standard with this update, or is it a bug or design oversight that everyone has?
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