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Sync SDXC Drive with OneDrive



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I think that I have gotten everything back where I want it and I now understand better how to utilize OneDrive. It appears that the addition of the SDXC drive was probably unnecessary but I will probably find a way to utilize it. Never hurts to have plenty of storage. Now if you could just help me with my garage.

Thanks for all your help and for bearing with me.


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Now if you could just help me with my garage.

Now that's really funny. :)
Glad you've got things sorted.

I've been involved in cloud services of one sort or another for many years, from coding for them to having my own server and streaming service. Today, I place OneDrive near or at the pinnacle of reliability and functionality. My professional and personal data are well protected, I believe. (I have no affiliation with Microsoft whatsoever, and like the other staff on this forum, volunteer on this Surface-enthusiast site. I'm also an Apple enthusiast.)

Take care and stay well, @Thor .