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Firmware update filed today.


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No outgoing light here either after the updates...
Maybe its only on the new chargers for the Surface 2 (the ones with a ring of light instead of a dot)?


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Update mine among other office updates. Mine rebooted and got stuck on "Getting your device ready" for long time so I force restarted and all the updates were done. Next update kept failing though.


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Nopes, the light on my charger - its the new one which came with my Surface 2 - does not go out when fully charged. But I must say that the charging time has improved dramatically,
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I don't know if it's due to update but my battery capacity dropped by 20%. From 41,200 mWh to 33,196 mWh. Anyone noticed this?


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My SP2 has the dot light.
Prior to the latest update the light always stayed on if connected to the SP2 and plugged in.
I noticed the light was off this morning after being connected overnight. I then disconnected and reconnected the tablet end of the charging cable.
Light (dot) came on as soon as the cable reconnected but went out a short while later. Battery charge indicated 100%
This is how I arrived at the idea the update may cut off charging when the battery reached 100%.
Anyone else experiencing this?


Storage Lost. I dont know where it is.

Windows folder spends 21,5 GB... It is normal? I think that it should be more or less only 10 GB