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take a picture - draw on picture


does any one have a suggestion for the following. i want to take a picture and draw on that picture. the ms camera app doesn't allow for that. the ms picture viewer doesnt seem to have a pen feature.


One easy way is just to double click the pen to draw a rectangle around the pic you want, and then draw on it in Onenote.


You can do that in pretty much any paint program. Just take the picture and load it it something like Photoshop or even Fresh Paint. Personally, I like Sketchbook Pro.


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Just use plain old Paint. Really. Allows for drawing, symbols, text boxes, quote bubbles, shape fill and outline, cropping... Brushes are not pressure sensitive, but have shapes.

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Pin it to Start.

Keep it simple and free of charge.

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The one downside of Paint is lack of pressure sensitivity. If that doesn't matter, then it is fine. Fresh Paint is also free in the MS Store, and does use pressure sensitive brushes. I've only played around a little bit with it, but didn't like it. There are so many better paint programs out there, some are even reasonably priced.
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