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Picture Library / Camera roll corrupted


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This morning, I noticed that I can no longer open any pictures!!!!
Each picture is represented by a black box with the name of the file ( 1.jpg etc ) and it cannot be opened.
When I tried to delete it, it says that the picture is being used by another program or I am not the administrator

Even taking a screen shot ( windows button + vol down ) doesnt seem to take any picture....

Anyone have this problem??


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Now the camera doesnt seem to work either.

After taking a picture, it says something went wrong while taking a picture...


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I already tried rebooting

I actually did a system restore back to 3/30 ( there was a critical update ) and the problem is still there :(

What do you mean by a refresh?


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Ok I found refresh and just did it.

It looks like the problem is still there....
Any other suggestions?


Those black images you say, are those viewable elsewhere if you transferred them. I would also back them up if possible.
Maybe you could try to uninstall/reinstall the camera app. I would also see if activating the admin account and see if the camera app still fails or not:
via commant prompt
net user administrator /active:yes

Other than these ideas, I'm not too sure what else you could do besides asking MS tech support perhaps
Could you also take a phone screenshot or if you have a camera layout around to post what the error looks like

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