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The Master plan behind the new Surface Studio PC


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The whole point of the original Microsoft Surface tablet, released in 2012, was to show PC manufacturers and the world just how good a touchscreen-enabled Windows PC could be, Microsoft CVP of Surface Panos Panay told Business Insider earlier this year.

"We needed to ensure it would happen right," Panay said at the time.

So when Microsoft last week unveiled the Surface Studio — a gorgeous all-in-one PC that doubles as a touchscreen drafting table for creatives — it raised a big question.

If the Surface was designed to bring the Windows PC industry around to touchscreens, what does the Surface Studio do for Microsoft?

"The entire ecosystem benefits when we create new categories and experiences that bring together the best of hardware and software," Panay tells Business Insider. He calls the Surface Studio "a new way for people to experience Windows 10, Office, Skype and more."

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Gus Lund

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Although I am a very big fan of Microsoft and its products, I am not very happy with my new purchase of the Surface Book. I purchased the 13.5" - Core i5-6300U 2.4GHz 64-bit OS on April 8, 2017 from Best Buy. I also bought the MS Office Home and Student 2016. I am a college student and thought it would be nice to take takes on the Surface Book in class. Unfortunately, MS Word freezes regularly while trying to "write" notes using the Surface Pen (which was included). It is especially locks up when trying to save the document and gives the horrifying message, "Not Responding" on the top. I have already lost information due to this software glitch. MS Word is an excellent work horse, but for some reason, after adding the pen option, it is very unstable and unreliable. I would not recommend this product as it stands right now note taking with the Surface Pen. Hopefully Microsoft will come up with some software fixes and updates.


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Not sure why you are having problems with Word, but I would highly suggest that you take your notes in OneNote. It is a much better application designed specifically for what you are doing; and can sync across all your devices. I have both business and personal notebooks and sync them to my Mac, iPhone, SurfacePro 4, and Dell computer. There are two versions of OneNote... OneNote 2016 that comes with Office and the Windows 10 OneNote App that comes with Windows 10. Both applications can work with the notebooks, but render them differently. I keep both open all the time on my SP4. The OneNote App is what you want to use for classroom note taking. It also has a special set of student tools you can turn on. With that, you can use OneNote to record your classroom lecture while you are taking notes, and if you are studying later and don't remember what was said about a specific note, OneNote can play back the part of the lecture that happened at the time you wrote that note.