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touch cover possible issues


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Hi guys, i wonder.. do you fold your touch cover back sometimes, after reading so many topics about ripping in the seam? I have to admit im kinda scared to do so.. is it rly a matter of every single unit including black covers or is it just a minor problem?
Hi Dan, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If the cover does rip you should be able to get a new one without any issues. That being said you might want to take just a little bit of care. It doesn't seem that folding the cover back alone is causing the tear, but folding the cover back and then setting the tablet on that folded back edge that causes the problem. As long as you aren't folding it the cover back and then putting pressure on that edge it seems that you will be ok.
Are you actually not supposed to the fold it flat back underside and rest the tablet on it? I have been doing this as it provides excellent support for using it in bed or lying on the sofa. I find it a fantastic feature.

I think folding it flat back (90 degrees) on a table under the kickstand foot it is ok but not folding it all the way to the back cover (~180 degrees) and then resting on its spine. Don't actually have one to test if folding it back the rest of the way stresses the seam more.