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Touch Cover vs Type Cover


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I have the touch cover that came with my 64GB surface. It works well but I can't get used to typing on it. I was working in excel for a couple of hours and it definitely made me want the type cover. My mother upgraded to the type cover and it works awesome. I borrowed it for the night and it is way easier to type on. Also didn't see any problems with it scratching the screen. The touch cover I have does leave those annoying dust squares all over everything though.


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Type cover for the win! Its almost as good as having a real keyboard and I found it 1000x better than the touch keyboard. I can touch type with it no problem, and it has a very useful trackpad. Highly recommend it.


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I played with both at the MS store, ended up getting the type cover. There is a lot of feedback, considering the super thin profile of the keyboard. Very impressed.


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I tried both at a Microsoft Store in DC, and have to say that although the Type Cover was more accurate, in just a few minutes I started to like the Touch Cover. If you view the cover as primarily that, a screen cover, with the added ability to type in a pinch, I'd prefer the Touch Cover by a mile for its thinness and lightness. Besides, when at my desk, I fully intend to use a real keyboard and mouse with the Surface Pro as a full desktop replacement.


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I wonder if the type cover's keys would eventually scratch the glass?

I don't reckon they will, well I have one myself and its brilliant.

But back to your point, the keys don't move when its actually touching the screen, so scratching it would be hard, especially considering they are not even sharp in any ways


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a problem with the type cover however - what if the keys fell off? I don't want to check if they click back in or not. And also if they fully snapped it would be hard to get a single replacement key


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I used both at an MS store as well, the type cover did seem almost like a regular keyboard, I could type just as fast as I normally do. The touch cover took a little time to get used to but I think after some time I could type just as fast as the type cover. I would like to carry around both for a week and see what how they felt. Without the ability to do that, I would get the touch cover. Durability is also a good point, the touch cover seems stronger...


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I have tried both out, and even though the touch one is very nice and responsive, I greatly prefer the type cover. I haven't gotten a surface yet, as I am just going to get the Pro and a type cover.


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I've had a Type Cover since November 23rd and like it very much. I had the opportunity to try the Touch Cover at the San Diego MS store and settled on the Type Cover. IMO it is superior.
I purchased the 64Gb Surface with the touch cover. I was surprised that it worked quite well, but never got to comfortable with it and had kept having problems with hitting the correct keys, especially around the space bar and the space bar itself. This went all away with the type cover that I purchased a week ago. I am extremely happy with it. Doesn't add too much extra and I can type just as fast as on a regular keyboard.


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I went to Best Buy the other day and tried out both keyboards. If you are like me, and have to look at your hands to type, then the Touch cover should work just fine. If you type the way you should type, without looking at your hands, then I would recommend the Type cover. I found myself typing pretty much the same speed on both. Hope this helps!


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Generally the keys people are having trouble with on the Touch cover are the space bar and the shift keys. Even with practice the shift keys are still the ones hanging me up. I can still type quickly though and it isn't enough of a distraction for me to opt for the type over the touch.

At first I found myself using the RT as a laptop and barely touching the screen. I sort of had to force myself to start using it more as a tablet and using the on screen keyboard more (it's just so easy to default to the touch cover). The experience with the on screen is going well so it is another reason I am glad I didn't go for the type cover if I'm just using the on screen instead anyway it would have been a little more of a waste. Of course for heavy input and real laptop like functionality the type cover is the way to go.

It is nice to have choices but don't get what you are use to just because you are use to it. Sometimes going with an alternative can work out for the better with a little readjusting.