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Touch keyboard quit working..


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What's the latest news on replacements for the touch keyboard? I don't use my surface pro a lot, and I've had it since it was first released.

But I noticed a couple weeks the keyboard wouldn't work anymore. It has had the "split" for some time.

I don't have a MS store in town, and it was purchased as a Best Buy.

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Go to myservice.surface.com and register your keyboard. You can then request a warranty replacement online. It doesn't matter where you bought it from, the warranty period (generously on MS's behalf) starts when you register using the serial number.
I've just had my power cover stop working for the second time in three months (just stops being recognized by my SP), just got a replacement again with no issues.


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You will probably need a magnifying glass to see the serial number. its located on the spine either just to the right of the connector or all the way on the right.