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Touch pen accuracy out by aprox 5 cm.


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Hi all - my first time here! I've had my Pro 2 256gb for aprox 3 months now with no issues until today! Since the firmware update the calibration of the touch pen is out - at the left side of the screen there is no or little issue however as I move the pen to the right side of the screen the pen becomes increasingly displaced from the curser - by moving the pen 2/3rds to the right the curser is already at the right side of the screen! I have calibrated it on multiple occasions with no success :cry:!
I apologies if this has been posted elsewhere - I have read other older posts however have not been able to resolve this issue - I do hope that some-one is able to help me! I certainly do not regret buying this unit what-so ever! :)
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After multiple times of calibrating and several times of restarting my Surface Pro it has now righted itself!
For any one contemplating buying a Surface Pro I highly recommend it.
For all those that say that the Surface Pro is too expensive- I had a computer built aprox 6 years ago with specs (all though) the highest then don't even go anywhere near this great machine - it cost me $1,200 at that time but spent more time in repairs than it being useful! This was built by a professional IT company!!!

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