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Surface Pen / Digitizer Issue


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On the majority of my Surface Pro's screen the pen works great. However, within 1 - 1.5 cm of the bottom of the screen (i.e. the side of the screen nearest the Windows logo), the stylus becomes inaccurate and loses resolution. That is, text I write is jagged and appears in the wrong place by a few millimeters. I've tried recalibrating and resetting calibration settings to no avail.

If anyone has experienced this issue before or knows more about it (in particular how to fix it), can you please reply. Thank you.


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Hi Roch, welcome to the forum. This is a know issue with the accuracy decreasing around the corners. You can try updating to the latest Wacom drivers and some have had success with alternative stylus options which seem to be more accurate. There are a few threads with all the details so try a forum search.

Tom T

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Every device I've used that incorporates the Wacom Feel IT technology, like the SP, has this problem. I first noticed it with my Galaxy Note 10.1, and on the SP and the Samsung Ativ Smart PC. It usually occurs only quite close to the edge, although my experience is every edge suffers to some extent.


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Thanks for both your replies. I've tried downloading the most recent drivers and recalibrating but it's not fixing the problem. I guess it's just something we have to live with. A little surprised the tech press hasn't focused on this issue more.