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Poll Touchpad vs Mouse for desktop use?

Touchpad vs Mouse for desktop use?

  • Touchpad

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Mouse

    Votes: 22 75.9%

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About to buy a dual monitor setup and docking station to use my SP3 as a desktop. Currently trying to decide between a touchpad or arc mouse for my pointing needs. Vote for what you'd use and any product suggestions for either or. :)


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I don't want take the hit on battery life using an external mouse or carry anything additional.....Trackpad all the way.


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I have NEVER used or seen a touchpad that comes close to a mouse for desktop use - not even the vaunted MacBook


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If you are using a stand-alone keyboard, definitely a mouse. If not, and the option is the Arc mouse, I'd say it's more of a wash. I picked up the Surface Mouse recently and while it's impressively compact, I'm not impressed with its function. It's merely ok. I'd buy a proper mouse for desktop use.


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This will be for a desktop set up.
Yes, that is what you said....I use the Type Cover and the Microsoft Wireless Display, the only thing plugged into my SP3 is Power....heck my Ethernet drop is plugged into a 802.11AC Travel Router.....


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I do a lot of website and database design. Using a trackpad would be almost impossible for fine layouts. Mouse all the way.


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A mouse in my opinion is infinitely more efficient than a touchpad. Mouse al the way if im trying to do serious work.


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I picked up a Microsoft wedge touch mouse back when I bought my RT. It's a wonky little thing but it still beats the touchpad on my SP3 when I'm working in Excel.


At my desk I use a USB 3.0 Hub and have a USB dongle for my Logitech Performance MX mouse that I use at my desk. This by far is the most ergonomic and I can sit at it for a very long time without thinking about it.

While about in the office I will easily use the track-pad; but being new to the touch screen idea I have realized that it is sometimes just easier to literally 'point'n'click'!

I do have a mobile Bluetooth mouse for longer periods away (Mad Catz RAT M)


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Yeh definitely a mouse for desktop use! I use the touchpad and the Arc Touch for general use and travel, but if I was going to go full in docking/monitors etc. then definitely I'd be getting a full mouse!

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