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Transferring files between PC and Surface?


Shouldn't this be a two-way share? I mean, if I setup a Homegroup on the PC and the Surface joins the Homegroup, shouldn't I be able to see shared files and folders on both machines? My Surface can see the shared libraries on the PC but the PC can't see the libraries on the Surface.

My guess is that your Surface has Network Discovery disabled in your Advanced Sharing Settings, take a look at that. Do a search for "advanced" and you should see it under Settings as "manage advanced sharing settings".

As for sharing files I have a Windows Home Server on the network which makes it really easy to do from any device on the network.

Edit: Ha, I take that back...I didn't realize how much they've stripped from RT,sorry.
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Is the USB drive only for USB sticks? I tried to use a USB cable to link my Surface to my laptop, so that I can transfer files directly rather than using WiFi, but there doesnt seem to be any recognition of the link. My Surface picks up my laptop/homegroup fine, and I can transfer files over Wifi but I wanted to know if there was a wired way that was hopefully quicker.

No experience?

Seems odd that every other tablet in the market connects to a pc via a cable, but not the surface?!


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But the Surface isn't an overgrown phone, it is a fully functional PC, so the work flow would be the same as if you were transferring files to a new laptop. USB thumb drive or hard drive, SkyDrive or Home Group network.


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yeh seems it likes a new homegroup is needed, as I had all the same problems as above. I am unable to get a wired internet, so atm I am running off 3g off my galaxy s3. I usually tether the net to my computer using the wired usb connector that came with phone. At first the Surface didn't recognize my phone at all when I plugged it into the usb port so I had to find another way to connect to the net. The hotspot option on my phone seemed to work though and shortly after that I had my windows updates and registration done. The workgroup option works just fine for transferring files, I have yet to use a large capacity usb drive but I am sure it would work out of the box.


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Fastest way for music transfer for me has been:

1. Micro SD --> SD card converter --> USB Card reader. Just one copy and then pop the micro SD into the PC.

After that, mount your SD card drive as a folder on your C: Drive in windows RT. You only have to do the mounting once and after that can remove / reinsert the sdxc card with reckless abaddon for your Music transfer needs.


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I have not tried this yet as I dont have a surface yet (Well I do but am under orders from the wife that I cant have it till xmas) that you can simply start the Server service from computer management in Desktop mode. Once that is running (I would recommend switching the service to automatic rather than disabled) you sould be able to create normal shared folders and connect to it over a network as you would any other computer. You may have to adjust the firewall settings as well, I am not sure how strict they will be out of the box.

Right. I tested it. Initially Surface cannot share folders and files thru home group. But just to turn on 'server' service lets you access Surface from other PCs.


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I use all of the above listed methods. I have to say that I don't see the USB as painful, personally, I am glad that USB IS AN OPTION AT ALL. (COUGH IPAD COUGH)


I really like using SkyDrive. I can access files at home on my Windows 7 system from any Internet connection. Works very well. It's not just limited to SkyDrive files.


I really like using SkyDrive. I can access files at home on my Windows 7 system from any Internet connection. Works very well. It's not just limited to SkyDrive files.

It's too bad that you can't actually Share anything with others from the SkyDrive App, you have to log into SkyDrive with the browser to get that option.


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A bit late to the party, but I've found this tutorial that shows how to transfer files, settings and even programs (!) to a Surface:

Hope this helps!
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