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Copy SSD image to replacement Surface?


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Is there a way to simply copy the disk image from one Surface to another (via a Software?) without having to reinstall/resetup everything on the replacement SP3?


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To answer my own question:
I decided against using any third party tools, I simply created a System image (Win+R -> sdclt.exe /blbbackupwizard).
Then I created a bootable Win10 USB Stick with my PC.
On the new machine I pressed Volume Down + Power to boot from the USB Stick (then removed it and plugged in my external drive) and restored the System image.

This resulted in an error right at the end (0x80070057). After googling around a bit I found out that the disc amount has to be exactly the same as it was before. I had a Micro SD in my old Surface but hadn't inserted it into the new machine. After doing that the System image restore worked beautifully.