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Trying to change power plan


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I'm trying to change my power plan so I can have more cpu for running abelton live. I have tried setting the value of CsEnabled to 0 as shown in this video
this did not open up any power plan options for me. If anyone could help solve this that would be greatly appreciated!


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No, it doesn't work on my SP6 the way that it does on his Surface Book, but keep in mind that the video is from 2015 and a lot can (and does) happen to Windows features in 4+ years.

e.g. When I click on the battery icon in the taskbar tray, I get a slider to change the performance levels. I think this slider, when all the way to the right (Best Performance) is the equivalent of what he's doing in the video. Without the Registry hack.

That said, I still don't find my i7 SP6 to be as fast and snappy as I think it should be per my Is my SP6 working fast enough? thread.