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Turn On Brand New Surface, Have 16.9GB Available Space

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Installed mandatory updates and now have 13.8gb available. I have installed 0 apps myself...

I understand that 32gb turns into 24.9gb with Windows and Office. But to go from 24.9gb to 16.9gb to 13.8gb after mandatory updates on desktop and metro makes me think that I will soon be below 10gb based on mandatory MSFT updates.



do you have windows.old in your C: drive?
you can also run disk cleaner as well and choose clean up system files too

that should free up 3gb I think, and then if you do the recovery trick you can get another 3gb free.

Right now, on my 32gb, I have 19.6gb free, and all of my installed apps are on my SD card. Depending on browsed sites/windows updates, that's usually another 1gb if you don't clean it out right away.
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What unwanted apps? I have installed 0 apps.. the only apps I have are the preinstalled Bing ones.

I looked at disk clean-up.. the largest file recommendation they are making is 49mb.

I have literally just turned on the Surface and installed the updates that's it...It's a brand new Surface I got today after returning my original one for hardware issues. This is the first time I actually looked at the desktop to see how much HD I have at the onset.

I will call MS Support and see what they say.


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Unfortunately that seems to be the standard and a lot of people are not happy about it but it has been discussed before.


It only appears if you refreshed your Surface.
Thanks for reminding me, I refreshed recently.

Borka, you can transfer the recovery files to a USB drive and you'll recover about 4GB of space, however I would keep it as an option if you start to get low on space.
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