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Turn On Brand New Surface, Have 16.9GB Available Space

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And little issues like these are what people dont want in a tablet.

I'll disagree. These aren't little issues, this is the power of having Windows backing your OS. Don't want to deal with it don't but if you do, at least you have the ability to take control and do something. It may be advanced but try that on another tablet. I also think people are being too critical about the space lost. Really no different than other tablets except it may be easier for people to notice since they are used to viewing disk space on windows but not some much on other tablets. Frankly I find iOS and Android to be sort of sneaky about the remaining space by breaking up the displays and using colors and bars and such to sort of obfuscate how much space is taken up. A lot of the issue seems to be perception.

I have installed all updates and many apps without ever running clean up and have nothing on SD and have 41.7GB o 54.1GB on my 64GB and feel that is perfectly reasonable. After running disk clean up 41.9GB and 42.2GB after running cleanup system files. I can't even clean ups under the other OSes.
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I like to be able to have that control as j515op has said. So far the apps in the store there really isn't a need to do most of the space tweaks so far, and having the expandable memory is awesome.

I found it interesting, and never thought about it in that perspective how iOS and android breaks the space in different colors XD
I had a problem doing those steps. I had installing app problems, and then my office suite was gone. I ended up refreshing my surface two times and doing part of that guide, and doing a symlink to successfully do it.
Installed mandatory updates and now have 13.8gb available. I have installed 0 apps myself...

I understand that 32gb turns into 24.9gb with Windows and Office. But to go from 24.9gb to 16.9gb to 13.8gb after mandatory updates on desktop and metro makes me think that I will soon be below 10gb based on mandatory MSFT updates.


Also, look at c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads. That thing can be quite large, and I've not had any bad luck with removing it's contents (I didn't remove the directory itself). YMMV, of course.


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Temporary Internet files are limited to 250MB by default. If that bothers anyone, move it to your SD card.
holy thread revival batman! you understand this thread is like almost 2 years old! doubt this will help your case or the person will have the file! im locking this thread as it doesn't help or is the answer to your problem...
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