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Turning on my Surface Book, stuck on Surface screen??


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When I turn on my Surface Book, it gets stuck on the "Surface" screen and doesn't go any further. I have to push and hold the power button to turn it off, then turn it back on again to get it to boot properly. Any ideas?


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Does it do that every time exactly as you described it? Are you actually shutting down then having to start twice to get back to a desktop?


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Is this really a known issue? Started for me just yesterday (possibly due to updates coming in drips...)

Whenever my PC hibernates, I cannot turn it back on as it just hangs at the 'Surface' screen.

I can force a BSOD by detaching the screen and turning it on - then I usually get INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR followed by a clean, cold-boot.

Any workaround? This has basically bricked my device for day-to-day usage (shutting down is impractical..)