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two apps 50% each?


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Is it possible to have two apps side by side with each being 50%? It's easy to do this with two desktop applications like word and IE, but I'm trying to have a word document open and a PDF open at the same time. Not sure if there's a pdf viewer that opens in the desktop.


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No, unfortunately you can only do that in desktop. Any Modern UI Apps must be a small bar on either side plus the main app. You can try opening the PDF in the desktop web browser and Word in Word and then doing 50/50.



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I can have both Word RT and PDF viewer visible at the same time, but not 50/50, as we all know. But I can work with the PDF document to change its magnification, if I need to.


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Of course you can also slide the divider bar back and forth to change the split ratio. Might get annoying for long tasks but for a few times it should be an ok option.


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Or you can open the PDF in another instance of Word 2013, and use desktop snap to have them side by side.