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Type cover pen holder warranty!


Most people hate the feel of thinner pens. I know that I cannot stand using them, they feel like toothpicks - start to remind me of the old Palm Pilot days (*shudder*). Even my SP2 pen feels too skinny for me. I got a Wacom Feel pen for it which is much nicer to hold. I think the SP3 pen is just about right.


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If I had to choose between a thinner pen that I always had with me because it fit in the tablet or a thicker pen that I ether lost because it fell out of the cheesy little pen loop, or the pen loop itself fell off, or I simple left it at home because I was wearing a shirt with no pockets, I'd take the thinner pen. Heck, they could make 2. Include a little one that fits in the tablet and make a nice one as an obscenely priced accessory.


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I added my own adhesive to the Pen Loop to more permanently attach it to the Type Cover using double sided industrial tape...


The convenience of having that pen on the device is just immense especially after getting used to my my Ativ Pro and Note 3 . They could have made a small one and offered the big one as an accessory for those who needed the big one. MSFT MSFT what can I do. No chance OEMs will make a device this nice with the same aspect ratio,hinge,type cover and customer service.

Perfect device is not happening.


I personally like the tab. It doesn't seem like mine is at all loose. I lost the pen for my SP2, hopefully this one lasts longer. Does anyone know if other n-trig pens work in case I lose this one? I can't justify $50 for a pen.

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