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Type Cover Tearing


Just noticed that the fabric on my type cover is coming away on the spine. Im not surprised due to the amount of use it gets but has anyone else had experience of this and if so was there a problem getting MS to change?
This is a known problem of a small batch of covers - ms should/will replace this without any problems.
As Mr. NK wrote there is no problem getting it replaced. Before Christmas a few blogs were reporting the problem. Make sure to check the replacement too. Some of those developed the same problems. Good luck.

Here it is. Note also the paintwork coming off the logo
The paint on the logo has been coming off on mine sine shortly after I got my Surface RT. Seems like poor marketing on Microsoft's part to have their logo wear away so easily, but so be it. As for the cover, I haven't had any issue with tearing on my touch cover, but I don't use it that much so I probably not the best example of durability.
In fairness I never take mine off the surface and im either typing or flipping it round to the back.
No problems with my logo but there seems to be varying grades of darkness on the logo. Mine is much more ghosted than in the picture and those of us with the lighter logos seem to have less ware. As far as the cover that is typical of a bad batch that had been made. You should be able to return it without issue and if you get a good one it won't split.
thanks for the image. I have a similar problem with the logo on mine as well. but instead of roundish blobs, mine has streaks. just a few and it actually looks like they were made on purpose as it looks like a flying window, with the streaks just at the right angle as well. Sorry, no picture, I should have taken a picture of it before I put a skin onto it. I never take my type cover off either. good to know what to look out for. that is pretty bad. hope you get it exchanged soon.