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Umm, I just didn't like it :-(

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Well, all I can say is that a forum is not by any means the best example of democracy. All of them have rules and they are not negotiable and there is not any where to appeal a moderator's decision. It's take it or leave it.
Not exactly accurate. If anyone is unhappy with a Moderators actions, they can always contact an Administrator.
As for the Forum rules. If there is a specific rule you are not happy with, I would like to hear about it.
We all have an opinion when it comes to products. Good bad or indifferent, feel free to post it.
We promote open friendly discussion. We will not tolerate any member who insults another member or a Moderator.
IMO, there is no reason to close this thread. Post your opinions/comments and keep it friendly.


How's this for not feminine?


I don't particularly agree with any of your points but the feminine looks to me off base in that it's easy to change. However, to each their own.


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I have made my point and honestly it's not beneficial to this thread for me to comment any further on off topic items ...I would just like to point out that this thread is getting off topic...

Has the OP tried other devices? Or are they only looking at the SP3? What do they like so far about the devices? What is none negotiable? Which devices have they seen and instantly "fallen in love with"? Is this a priority purchase or just for play? Which programs are they planning on running

Thank you Katmandoo for bring us back to the OP.:)

Honestly I think the back of the device is a mute point. I have a black cover and the bezel is black. The only time is see it the back of the device is when I turn it on or take it out of the case.

You may also want to look in to Sony's tablets as well as the ThinkPad. The SP3 is really the best combo you can get on the market. Dude if you are still torn.....just buy it an try it! Don't try it at home only. Take it out with you go to Starbucks or a coffee shop. Go to a library. I get compliments and questions every time I take out my SP3 in public. People just geek out when they see one.

Is it prefect? No but It's a great device. You were an early adopter which is great. Maybe you should just buy the device and do your own comparison (for day to day use with your SP).If it fails return it. I will be curios to see read your posts.


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Welcome back Mitch....

I think the Surface Pro 3 meets all of usage requirements assuming they haven't deviated from what you were doing with your Gen 1 and all your other subsequent devices....

With that said, the caveat I see is you are still using a legacy Access Database that will not handle High DPI, so as long as you can handle a small but very crisp UI you will see more information presented on th screen then on your R7...


I have both a macbook air and sp3. No it cannot replace a laptop no matter what MS tries to sell you. Keyboard / Trackpad is not optimal (Flimsy, bounces as you type on angle, key travel depth, etc). Trackpad seems inferior to Macbook Air trackpad also. It almost makes me want to carry a bluetooth keyboard / mouse.
I have to say I haven't liked the new trackpad much. But I put a StickerBoy cover on it yesterday and now like it a lot better.


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I just carry a Bluetooth mouse and disable the trackpad. I have never liked using a trackpad on any machine. The most usable to me was the Lenovo Pointer.


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Thing is... the way I see it, the Surface is a tablet, and the typecover is just that, a cover that you can type on. It's never going to compete with a proper keyboard and I wouldn't expect it to because of the design BUT it does have the advantage that it is a design that will most likely be carried around and used as the cover/screen protector for the device nearly 100% of the time by most owners, so it'll be there whenever you need it and it can also be pulled off and put aside when you don't need it or bent round the back when used as a tablet.

You couldn't do that with a normal keyboard (except something like the Yoga, but for me anyway the Yoga wouldn't make a usable tablet in tablet mode where as it's too chunky and the aspect ratio is wrong, the surface makes more sense).

However I think there's room for MS to make an alternative keyboard rather like OEM keyboard dock I used to have for my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet, it was however quite chunky and not ultra portable... but no more so than carrying a fairly normal sized laptop, but it did offer a pretty good keyboard typing experience ... though in my use the tablet didn't have the power to keep up with my touch typing when in a browser so I ended up typing backwards... most annoying, I'm sure the surface wouldn't have that problem LOL.


I can recommend the Sony PS3 Bluetooth Keyboard. It has a nice feeling, is portable, the keys have a decent size and you get a Lenovo like Trackpoint. The best is: You can get it quite cheaply.
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