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Hard Shell Case for Surface Pro 3

Wow, nice! This is the best functioning case with no issues on magnetic part of keyboard use as well as replacing the built in kickstand.
That's what I thought as well! I wonder how much weight it adds to the surface though. That would be my only concern.
I was using the trident case with mime ghost glass previously but my wife knocked the sp3 and it dropped onto cement floor from height of about 1m. It was quite a hard knock and my trident case cracked and minor crack at 1 corner of the mime but my sp3 is as good as new.

What i am trying to say is that no matter what casing u want to get, as long as u have it, it will protect your sp3. I think my money was well spent on the trident case and mime sp. I cannot imagine what will happen to my sp3 without those 2.

Now im using incipio feather advance and incipio plex sp. The incipio case doesnt allow the raised touch cover and the folded keyboard doesnt really close fully as my trident. Besides that, its a pretty good casing.
video of installation

drop test video done by school
Thanks! The drop test doesn't show the results. I can see the case came off in some cases, but no close up of the surface for dents or scratches. Unless the point was to show that the surface screen didn't crack.
I also want to protect my screen (I have keyboard, but I don't always use it) but this option is pretty expensive, may be there are cheaper options from chinese?
I'm using a moko shell case with clippable kickstand, it's a bit battered right now as I take my surface nearly everywhere with me, but it actually clips onto the kickstand.

Of course, this reduces the largest angle you can have the surface down at, but I've found this is perfect for drawing.

There are a couple issues however, the surface has a tendency to slide down when you angle the stand, but when you're not using it, it slides back up into place, and this also actually pushes out the little flaps that are used to secure the center of the kickstand, so I've had to remove the glue from them...

functionally, this does not really affect the device at all, but I did not know that this case would damage my surface pro 3. I mean, again, it does nothing to the surface itself, and protection wise, the case is actually very solid.

Personally, I would probably end up using this case for the rest of the device's life if it doesn't give way first, but I wouldn't recommend it solely for the reason that it damages the device after a while. I mean, it's negligible to me, since it's not going to do any further damage and it doesn't affect the performance of the device at all, it gets the job done in terms of protection and functionality.

Here's an image of it:

This is what it did to my flaps (I've just completely pulled them out and removed the glue, since they prevent the stand from closing properly if they were left halfway in):

Rest assured, the rest of the device is fine. I'm just here to warn about this case.