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US model in UK.....The same??


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Hi guys,

Hope someone can help me.....

I'm looking at purchasing an SP3 and some US models are attracting my attention but I live in the UK

Can someone please tell me if.....

1. If there are any significant difference in the US and UK models or software Ect
2. The charger is different and believe an adaptor will be needed.....will this be OK to use.....using an adaptor to charge the SP3 in the UK is putting me off.

I'd really appreciate any help you can give.....

Thanks in advance guys,



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I can't comment too specifically on hardware differences between US and UK models since I live in Japan, but I do know that all spec configurations are the same. It should be just a matter of system language, (which can be changed from US English to UK English), and any other specials that the local MS offers. For example, in Japan they included Office 2013 but not in the US.

The charger is, as all modern home electronics are, dual voltage so as long as you have the appropriate plug adapter, you'll be fine. I've used mine in Western Europe, North America and Australia for weeks at a time with no problems at all.


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I bought my SP3 from Canada on launch date simply because I was there and the SP3 was not going to be released in the UK, which is where I live currently, for some time after that.

There is nothing different between a machine bought in North America and one bought in the UK (and elsewhere). Obviously, the OS will be labelled differently. It will have a different language pack and if you buy the Type Cover then that too will be locally configured. As you have noticed, the charger will be different. You have two options - either use an adapter (which I currently do) or you could buy just the charger from the MS UK site (costs a pretty penny), which I will do in due course.

Note that if you send in an SP3 bought outside the UK for UK repair/ warranty service, you will get back a machine that is configured in the above sense for the UK.


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You do not need a new charger or even a power plug adapter between an US, UK and a German Surface Pro 1/2/3. The most elegant solution that I have found is to only replace cable with power plug that plugs into the charger via a 2-prong socket. Those cables are quite common in stereos, TVs, monitors, etc, so you can probably buy one at your local store.


Charger is not covered if claiming warranty in the UK. I have a US purchased surface in the UK.

If you claim warranty for the surface, Microsoft UK will ask for the US surface to be shipped to them and then a refurb will be sent to you. No accessories will be swapped.

Once you have the 'UK' model surface with your US power adaptor you can make a claim for warranty on the US charger (All because their system shows a UK spec surface allowing UK spec charger to be replaced...) and they'll send you a UK charger free of charge. Baffling.

Anyway the cost saving is significant over the UK prices, beside the warranty niggle it's worth it IMO.


Just to add, The charger will likely need attention at some point during your ownership of the surface, it's not rock solid and can fray at the connector, stop charging randomly. With this in mind it might be best to send the surface back for a refurb UK unit early on in its lifecycle... (Kickstand is loose will work just fine)