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Using Xbox Games App With Different Microsoft Account


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Currently using a Surface 2. I went to use the Xbox Games built in App but noticed that it automatically logs you into your email address used to sign into the surface account. My 'gamer tag' Is set up to a different Microsoft account and this is the one I could do with using.

So basically, I used email address 'X' as my surface account email, but I would like to use email address 'Y' for the Xbox games app, whilst still using the Surface account set up with 'X'. Hope that makes sense!

I'm sure it's simple but any help will be greatly appreciated :)



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I'm not sure it's so simple (or even possible) to use a different gamertag associated with another MS account while logged in to your Surface with its setup MS account. You could ask on the official MS boards and maybe an expert over there can help (link in sig, find the xbox board or ask in the Surface board).


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I believe you have to add a new user on your computer using the Xbox credentials you want to use for the Xbox app.


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Anyone know how to change your XBox name?
It automatically started calling me "ThisArmadillo"