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very silent microphone on Dockingstation


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at first sry for my bad englisch ;)

so i have a problem with my Surface Pro 2 (256GB) / Dockingstation. I have a normal pc-headset conneced to the dockingstation. If i put my Surface in the dockingstation the sound switchs perfect. So all sound goes to to headset and all is fine, BUT:

The mic dont work very well. The sound is very silent. At first time i think the mic dont switch to dockingstation and he use the internal mic but no. He use the mic from the Dockingstation.

The Dockingstation use a differnt chipset. The Surface has a Realtek-Chip witch is fine. I can ajust the mic-settings like this pic:


So all its fine and Skype and Teamspeak work very well. But the Dockingstation use a "CNXT Audio" Chipset. And here i have no chance to change the boost. Its look like this:


So my voice is very silent and i have no chance to use the headset on the Dockingstation.

I dont speak japanes but here some pic how the control pannel look if the dockingstation is conneced (normaly the CNXT Audio is selected if a headset is connected to the dockingstation) :


Any one have a idear what i can do?

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Have you tried making one of the other "microphones" the active one?

Yes i do:

"Microphone (Realtek Hight Definition Audio)" with status "Bereit" (ready) is the internal Mic. This one works very well but normal Dockingstation is a bit away from me. So it sound like i sit in an other room.

"Microphone (Realtek Hight Definition Audio)" with status "Nicht angeschlossen" (not connected) is the mic from the mic/headset connector of the Surface. This works very well to with my iPhone or Lumia headsets. This is the config i actual use.

"Mikrofon (CNXT Audio)" is the Dockingstation. Its work to but with with silent sound. If talk normal i only get one or two of the lines (from 10). Both other mics geht 5 or 7 lines with some volume.

But i buy the Dockingstation to plug in all my stuff to the dockingstation. But if i need to plug in my headset to my surface direct its not so cool :(


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Then it is very likely that you are dealing with a hardware problem and you need to contact your vendor for a replacement or return.


I dug out a headset to test this out for you.

The response from the "bar indicator" in the windows recording devices was typically the 1-2 bars that you described. Using Ventrilo as a test platform, I was able to check the levels between the onboard mic in the Surface Pro, and the Mic from the headset plugged into the Dock. Levels were drastically lower with the headset plugged into the docking port. Using the Ventrilo application amplifiers in its settings, I was able to turn the microphone levels up and they reached normal levels, but not all applications have this built in. Unsure why it is not part of the CNTX drivers available to windows to adjust.


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thx for Testing :)

I found the all settings here:


MicBoostAfterNR and MicBoostBeforeNR. This two Settings can maybe help. But dont known how to edit to the right values.