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Very strange issue postin here


Just recently, I have been having serious issues posting to this site.

All on-screen keyboards are going insane. Sometimes, I have to hit a letter several time before it appears. Sometimes, the wrong letter appears. Sometimes, the letter appears then disappears.

This occurs only on this site whether using the Modern or Desktop version of IE.

Anyone else having similar issues?


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I haven't been able to find it

There are two forum apps on the Surface 2/RT: "Windows and Surface Community Reader" will get you this forum. "SurfaceGeeks" has another app for their forums. Those are the only two I've been able to find.

EDIT: Note that these are 'readers', no active posting. They redirect you to the web pages when you click on an article. I was hoping Surface 2/RT had Tapatalk, but alas, no. I'm still looking for an app that loads actual forums for responding.
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There is an app specifically for this forum, I'm sure it allows editing, but I'm not on my Windows 8 machine atm so can't find it for you.