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waking up at random



clean install sp2 64/4GB here. machine keeps coming out of sleep on its own. i believe a firmware update came out that was meant to fix this, but i can't seem to find it.

anyone else seeing this behaviour?




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I don't know about the random wakeups, but I don't think it's going to sleep properly at all in my case. At least, not by simply closing the keyboard...


same issue, not only is it NOT falling asleep, something is KILLING battery use during that time. 60% battery in 2 hours while it was supposed to be asleep. 2 different SP2's here with the same issue


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I had the same problem. It would be fully charged at night - start it in the AM - and it would be down to 50%.. I'd put it to "sleep" and a minute later, it would wake up... What worked for me was:

Control Panel - Device Manager

Open the Keyboards (you will have two - HID and Surface type cover) Double click on each, and the last TAB is "Power Management". In both, Uncheck "Allow the device to wake up the computer" for both entries....

Next - open "Mice and other pointing devices" - select both entries - and be sure that either Power Management entry is NOT checked (Don't allow to wake up device)...

The only downside is that to wake from sleep, you have to press the power button rather then tap a key/trackpad.

Hope this helps - and let me know if you find another solution..!



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When I turn the screen off it doesnt really turn off, the fan is still going unlike in Win 8.
Also every time I turn the screen off it turns back on once after 15 seconds or so.


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Just upgraded to Win10 on my SP2. After doing all of the updates, yeah, it would consistently always wake from sleep automatically after 10-60 seconds or so. With that and other problems, I decided to do a system reset which, at first seemed to fix this problem. I then transferred some of my files over, tested sleep again and it was fine, and reinstalled programs: all good. I then did Windows Update and installed some firmware updates. BAM! Automatically wakes from sleep. I am pretty confident in saying that it was whatever firmware update that I installed that is causing this now. Guess I'll just have to manually hibernate instead of using sleep until they fix this.


Wow, it brings back memories...from Jan 2014 when the SP2 was quite new and a bad firmware patch issued the prior month was causing quite a few SP2s to have similar "awakenings" at random times. Spooky indeed.

That said, the SP2 largely stabilized by May or June 2014 and has performed pretty well since then.

Of course what W10 is now doing is a different mystery, but based on the above prior experience seems likely the problem will get resolved as patches are rolled out over time.

For cautious souls this history suggests upgrading to W10 may be less scary later on, say by Halloween, any irony of that timing being strictly coincidental.


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The problem is driver related. If you check the "Get Windows 10" app, it states that the device (Surface Pro 2 ), is not Windows 10 ready yet, and that Microsoft is working with its partners to make that happen. What it means is that drivers aren't Windows 10 ready.

The biggest problem is that most manufactures decided to work on their Windows 10 drivers at the very last minute, sadly. And not during the public beta release of the OS. Maybe they expected that Windows 10 will be released in October like previous version of Windows, and thought they had more time, but regardless, this is the issue. Manufactures are working on their drivers. They first scrambled something to get SOMETHING out the door, but you can see Nvidia, Intel, AMD, Marvel, etc. not releasing new drivers now, it's been fairly quiet. Probably now working on proper support, full featured. Intel for example, their graphics drivers don't support their graphics solution to go under power saving properly right now, causing people who upgrade to Windows 10 have reduce battery life.

So we just have to wait.


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Sorry to disagree - but that is not exactly correct.

When I updated my SP2 two days after the drop of RTM - the Windows Update downloaded it and asked me when I would like to install it. Before the actual "Upgrade" - I used the compatibility tool again to be sure that all the drivers were 10 ready - and, in fact - they were.

After the update - I had the recurring "wake" problem, which is why I posted a fix above.

While I'm certain you may have a different opinion/view, in fact - it is certainly not the case universally.


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Oh sorry - my bad... I figured if they were part of RTM - they'd probably be certified W10. You must know more than Mcst. Please let us know when they are "good", OK?


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They are certified. Certified that it won't harm your system, and that the drivers are truly from the manufacture, but it pretty much stops there. Microsoft doesn't do the testing from the manufacture.

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