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Warrenty Replacement??


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Does anyone know how long it takes for a warranty replacement to arrive. I have a 64g pro I sent back last Tues 2/25/2013, because it would not read the micro sd card. I shipped it back fed ex overnight. Just wondering how long before my replacement comes, I checked the website and it shows still processing??


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Thanks and that sucks, I bought this for school. When I called MS on Friday they said I should get it today, but of course I didn't. Really need it to work on finals this weekend! Guess I will just be sitting home staring at this desktop!
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i thought they did advance replacement.

There is a shortage of supply for Surface Pros (128GB really) so MS has changed their policy on advanced replacement no longer offering it. Since they changed the policy this applies to 64GB too even if they do have them in stock. The good news is that supply shouldn't be the hold up even if this is a return and replace instead of an advanced replacement. The bad news is there is no way to tell how long it will actually take MS to process and send a new unit in this scenario.