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Weird wifi problem after the latest updates


My Surface 3 updated yesterday, after a couple of reboots all seemed ok, but today I had a weird wifi problem,
when I'm on the go I tether it to my phones data connection or a little mifi unit I carry around but today when it connected to them I got no internet with limited on the wifi symbol, it would still connect to my home routers wifi though, it would also connect ok when tethered via USB to my phone.
I got the same problem on 2.4 and 5ghz, I tested both devices on my SP4 when I got home and they worked just fine.
I've just done a system restore to a couple of days ago on my S3 and its all working again.
Has anyone else come across a problem like this or can anyone recommend what to check for when my my S3 inevitably applies these updates again please?