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What about battery life?


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I'm curious to know what the battery life is going to be for both flavors, has anyone heard any word on battery life for the RT and Win8 Tablet?


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Looking at the specs, the RT is slated to have a 31.5 WattHour battery and the Pro is slated for a 42 WattHour battery.

A 42 Watt Hour battery plus an ARM processor in the "New iPad" yields about 10 hours of WiFi surfing on the net.

I would expect to see advertised battery life between 6-9 hours for each tablet. The Pro should have a real CPU (core i5) and will take a bit more power, but it does have a bigger battery.

In my experience, the biggest drain on battery are:
  • Screen Brightness
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS

If I have my current tablet at max brightness, GPS on, WiFi on (doing turn by turn directions) I will get about 5 hours from my tablet.

If I have all radios off, minimum brightness, reading a Kindle Book or watching 720p video, I average about 10 hours for the tablet battery (which it advertises about 9 hours).


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I think Frederuco is pretty spot on. 5-9 hours of use sounds right with a couple of days stand-by (maybe more).


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Sounds like that's the norm for most tablets, which is good for me, my Surface 8 will be used for work purpose's with some entertainment use off and on. Just in case I tend to use it more, Ill have a couple of chargers one for work and one for home. : )