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What does everyone use their surface or 4 - for?


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Hey Everyone, New to the site. I'm a 2nd gen Surface pro user. I use my Surface pro 4 as a Mobile Workstation , with a Surface dock that is hooked up to 2 24" dell monitors. and I do large architecture drawings and Onscreen Takeoff.

What do you do with your Surface pro 4


PC 80% of the time and Tablet 20%. Mostly doing software related stuff, and taking notes/doodling during meetings.


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Consulting (ink notes and diagrams), Technical Marketing Content Creation (decks, whitepapers, reference architectures, etc.), Content consumption....used as PC 55% (attached to a 4K and 2K external monitors and dock) and Tablet 45%....


PC at work and my tablet for home. It's the only device I use unless I'm playing with new toys.
I started playing with an Intel and Lenovo HDMI PC Stick lately for fun.
Otherwise, it's go all for everything, but due to being at work 8-9 hours a day, it's mostly PC.


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I bought it as my travel PC. I've been seriously looking at ultrabooks for about 2 or 3 years, but none of them motivated me enough to make the purchase. I haven't been following the Surface evolution, but just became aware of the SP4 a couple of weeks ago. Once I saw the form factor, I was pretty much sold.

I'm having a lot of fun playing with it and will probably end up using it at home a lot, too.


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I use mine as a desktop when I'm not at my desktop! haha. My Desktop has a very good graphics card and a couple TB HDDs and an SSD for my apps and Windows.

My Surface Pro 4 is my desktop replacement for when I'm not on my desktop. I have a server at home which hosts all of my documents via BT Sync. So if I need a document, I find it, right click and click "sync to this device"


That way I always have my latest files and they always sync right back to my server when I save, and then later to my desktop PC when it gets turned back on. :) Another great thing is that it also keeps versions of files for as long as I want (6 months in my case).

I do some light gaming on my SP4, but I keep the resolution and details to low, that way I don't tax it.

I was debating (and still am in some ways) returning my i5 and getting an m3, but I like my device and it's working just fine. Battery life is all right though, between 4-6 hours of light usage. M3 seems to get better battery life from what I've been seeing.


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I don't use it as a tablet very much unless I'm traveling (flying) somewhere. I use it mainly for notes at school.


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I use mine for mainly desktop office work and on the go office work. I have two 24" Dell monitors, (Same as the ones pictured above) I use with my SP4.

I also do a lot of remote management for clients from it. Possibly a bit overpowered for what I use it for but Id rather that than under powered.

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