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What does everyone use their surface or 4 - for?


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Hey Everyone, New to the site. I'm a 2nd gen Surface pro user. I use my Surface pro 4 as a Mobile Workstation , with a Surface dock that is hooked up to 2 24" dell monitors. and I do large architecture drawings and Onscreen Takeoff.

What do you do with your Surface pro 4


PC 80% of the time and Tablet 20%. Mostly doing software related stuff, and taking notes/doodling during meetings.


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Consulting (ink notes and diagrams), Technical Marketing Content Creation (decks, whitepapers, reference architectures, etc.), Content consumption....used as PC 55% (attached to a 4K and 2K external monitors and dock) and Tablet 45%....


PC at work and my tablet for home. It's the only device I use unless I'm playing with new toys.
I started playing with an Intel and Lenovo HDMI PC Stick lately for fun.
Otherwise, it's go all for everything, but due to being at work 8-9 hours a day, it's mostly PC.


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Thanks for Reposting, I Think It helps a lot of people make up the minds between all these devices out these days. See my Setup in the Photo attached.
Used as PC all the time, Just unplug it and take it to the job sites.


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I bought it as my travel PC. I've been seriously looking at ultrabooks for about 2 or 3 years, but none of them motivated me enough to make the purchase. I haven't been following the Surface evolution, but just became aware of the SP4 a couple of weeks ago. Once I saw the form factor, I was pretty much sold.

I'm having a lot of fun playing with it and will probably end up using it at home a lot, too.


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I use mine as a desktop when I'm not at my desktop! haha. My Desktop has a very good graphics card and a couple TB HDDs and an SSD for my apps and Windows.

My Surface Pro 4 is my desktop replacement for when I'm not on my desktop. I have a server at home which hosts all of my documents via BT Sync. So if I need a document, I find it, right click and click "sync to this device"


That way I always have my latest files and they always sync right back to my server when I save, and then later to my desktop PC when it gets turned back on. :) Another great thing is that it also keeps versions of files for as long as I want (6 months in my case).

I do some light gaming on my SP4, but I keep the resolution and details to low, that way I don't tax it.

I was debating (and still am in some ways) returning my i5 and getting an m3, but I like my device and it's working just fine. Battery life is all right though, between 4-6 hours of light usage. M3 seems to get better battery life from what I've been seeing.


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I don't use it as a tablet very much unless I'm traveling (flying) somewhere. I use it mainly for notes at school.


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I use mine for mainly desktop office work and on the go office work. I have two 24" Dell monitors, (Same as the ones pictured above) I use with my SP4.

I also do a lot of remote management for clients from it. Possibly a bit overpowered for what I use it for but Id rather that than under powered.