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What's the First Time You Ever Saw a Surface?


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I saw it online and watched videos about it. Knew I wanted one straight away. Pre-ordered as soon as I could. No regrets love my RT.


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I first saw it online.

I read up on it a lot and I knew that it was the right product for me, because I was definitely in the market for a new PC to replace my 5-year-old laptop and I wanted a tablet, not an ultrabook or another laptop.

On launch weekend I lucked out, like a lot of folks, but I got very lucky the following weekend. For those journalists who dump on the Surface Pro, I only wish I could show them my setup, how I was able to successfully replace my laptop, and am still running all my apps. Maybe then they'd see real-life usage and come to realize how awesome this product is!


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I heard about it online and then knew I had to have one. Saved some money and have never looked back. I love it and am glad to be part of the revolution.


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The first SP I saw was with this passenger in the seat next to me on a flight from Chicago to the west coast. He had the pro version and this was in August 2012 if I recall.

He was some kind of a pro testing it and his main worry was battery power. He kept turning screen brightness down!

He demoed all it's capabilities and answered all my questions for over an hour. I had to get one, battery life was more laptop grade than tablet grade, so no big deal.

Got mine 2wks back, just love it! Apparently there's some software out there that runs ok on desktops and not on the SP, but it's got to do with the vendors who haven't got theirs SPs to test on. I'm sure there will be patches out.


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Apparently there's some software out there that runs ok on desktops and not on the SP...
But that's not out-of-the-ordinary, though. After all, the SP is a PC and with all PCs, it is always possible that there is something unique/native about the hardware (e.g., firmware, drivers, etc.) that may cause an app not to run as designed.


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Surface store Greenhill's Mall Nashville, TN December 2012.
Love at first sight knew I had to have one.
Won one on eBay last week and I am really enjoying it.
Won a key board this weekend and it came in today.
Ordered a Nixon Tablet Sleeve last week on eBay.
Ordered a Juiced Systems Microsoft Surface 5 in 1 Adapter last night.
I am really enjoying this tablet!!!