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What's the First Time You Ever Saw a Surface?


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Interesting...occasional comments talk about 'love at first sight.'

You too?

For me, it was on a routine visit to Staples. Just boppin' around, never having even heard about the Surface. Looked over at a display, and there it was - the RT. Walked up, played with it, picked it up, played with it some more....


I was like, Damn! This thing rocks!

Loved the speed, the design, the size, the weight...it all worked. Then: Office on a tablet?

Sold X2.

So - when did you actually see one for the first time? And what did you think?


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A visit to the San Diego MS store in October 2012 before the official RT release date. I knew the first time I saw it I wanted one.


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First saw the Surface RT online....just a pic...then after it was released, saw a couple of video reviews. Loved the concept...!


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So - when did you actually see one for the first time? And what did you think?
HD_Dude --

When it showed up at my door on the day of the official RT release. I had seen the ads and read the online data, and pre-ordered one. Microsoft timed the shipment so that it arrived the morning of the release date.

One RT and two Pro's later, and I haven't looked back.

Take care,


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My first introduction was at a Staples store when I stopped by to purchase my first RT. After a few days I returned to purchase my second RT. I didn't play with it much as I read and viewed enough information and videos on this jewel to know the sale was closed when I walked into Staples.


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I followed the rumors, and watched Microsofts unveiling, and I knew that I had to have one. I have now sold my ultrabook, as my Surface RT made it obsolete.


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I first saw the RT during Christmas at the yellow tag store, I've actually seen it before just didn't wander over to the display. I played around with it and wanted to get one, but I knew the SP was being released in the near future. In February both were side by side and I was asking about the SP availability. The person in the yellow tag store said "We haven't received any yet". Funny, I'm playing with the 64gb as the words are flowing out of your mouth. A week later I was firing up my SP. Really the only place I've seen these are at the stores. In the wild, the only one I've seen is mine.


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Launch day in Times Square! The Microsoft store there (which is gone now :mad:) had a long line but they also took over half of Times Square with demo stations of almost all the Windows 8 and RT devices available or soon to be available. I eventually got into the store and got to play with the Surface RT and Touch keyboard. The only reason I didn't buy one then and there was the fact that I needed to run custom software for work.

Other than my Pro though, I've never actually seen one in real life. But I did find out a cousin bought an RT and loves it.


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The first one I saw in person was one we purchased at work for the developers to test our web application on.

Prior to that, I have been a huge fan of tablets in general since the original Tablet PCs came out. I had a Compaq TC1000 for a few years and loved it. I had a couple of other tablets after that, but computing got more demanding - the old tablets were underpowered and just not really built from the ground up for real tablet use. They took forever to boot, etc... I eventually lost interest in lugging one around.

I bought an iPad when they came out and was pretty excited to see someone really approach the tablet form factor from the ground up. I started carrying a tablet again and was fairly happy - though frustrated by all the limitations.

Then I saw articles about MS rebooting the tablet concept with something new - rebuilding Windows to be touch-friendly and such. This really piqued my interests. From the first images online, I knew this was going to be it for me. When our developer model arrived at work, I hijacked it for a couple of days before we handed it over never to be seen again ;) I was impressed from the beginning and stated saving my pennies.


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Actually, I've never seem one out in the wild either.

However, I did love visiting the Microsoft store in Chicago, where they had two rows of them on display, kind of like the Apple store.

THAT - was sexy.
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