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Where are the cases for the SP3?


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I use my sp3 at work as a scan tool and i am sure i will have an accident one day. i would really like a case like the feather case from incipio to retain use of the kickstand. why is nobody making accessories for this thing? so frusterating.


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Unfortunately, accessory makers don't like having a bunch of dead stock, so they wait to see if the Surface line sells at levels enough to make it worth their while. With the recent announcement that the Surface products as a whole has lost 1.7 billion dollars (excluding salaries) since the initial launch, they're not all clamoring to get products out the door.

I am surprised that Incipio is so far just offering a sleeve, but the fact that the link at their site says 'Surface Pro 3 Cases' is hopeful. Maroo has some cases, but they're ugly and have that dreaded elastic band to hold the keyboard in place. They're also quite bulky, but look to have ample padding if you need some sort of protection right away.

You can also search Amazon, but virtually all they have so far are the kind that extend over the bezel and look a lot like the Maroo ones. Keep an eye out for a Freedom Case for the SP3, a well designed case for the SP1/2 with a lot of thought to form & function, and it doesn't extend over the bezel.
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By the time you add a case and the keyboard, the SP3 suddenly weighs as much as a laptop, and you don't put a case on your laptop do you? This isn't like a phone you can easily drop. Just be careful and don't drop it. Add a screen protector and a skin for bumps and nicks.

The only reason I would add a case to this would be if I was using it as a tablet only solution. With keyboard, no case.
I like having a case so that I don't have to be as careful where I set my machine when I'm out and about. When I'm at home I pop the SP3 out of the case, but I still have a Stickerboy carbon fiber wrap on the backside just in case.


I had one of these and while it was nice and thin and worked well overall, it only allowed one(1) tilt position, which I found to be too steep for my liking.

I'm now actually using this case, as recommended by some others here...

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