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Trident Cyclops Case

Says it has a built-in stand - so I doubt you can use the kickstand on the SP3. Also, just from the pictures they show, it actually looks bulkier than the UA case imo... Best wait for someone to post a video on youtube or something before buying if you're worried about bulk and the kickstand.
Has anyone tried out this case? I'm currently using the Urban Armor case but I really hate their kickstand and how bulky the case is.
I just saw this case here. It has anti-skid, does not look too thick, and you can use your own kickstand!


Amazon is selling some for $60-70ish. If anyone have experience with this case, please give me let me know how you liked it.

I'm generally satisfied with the Urban Armor case. I can live with the extra bulk as it is quite sturdy. I do wish the stand was less 'clacky'. My ideal cover would be the UAG case with the back cut out to allow use of the MS kickstand. I don't care to make that mod myself though.
For the price some of the amazon reviews are enough to scare me away until I see something more positive. I have the UAG as well but most of the time I don't actually require this much protection. I like the idea of the trident case. Along with the UAG, I ordered some cheaper Moko case for around $15 since it looked thinner, but it's folio style with a cover that just gets in the way. I just want a hinged, light, textured or grippy case that still uses the type cover. Maybe I'll just try some skins once I get past the babying stage.
That looks like a great case with one problem: No ability to dock the Surface. I've looked at several cases to consider modifying them for use with the dock or modifying the dock or both. Nothing looks close.