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Trident Cyclops Case


I have being using the Cyclops case for months now. No problem with heat and fully compatible with the touch cover.

It has no problem to accommodate a tempered glass screen protector of 0.33cm thick. I emailed UAG before i placed my order for a cyclops and UAG rep could not give a confirmation whether the UAG could accommodate the MIME ghost glass without lifting it at the edge. Trident rep said it should not pose a problem.

I love the way the casing wrap the entire sp3 except the screen and easier for me to grip it.

The photos i uploaded show the use of the sp3 kickstand and the other thing is that this is the only casing that allows the access to the micro-SD card slot without taking the sp3 out from the casing. I do not use the dock so this casing is just right for me.


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If you're the type of person that MUST have a case on every device you own, then you won't really be too too happy with the SP3. For all of the different scenarios, there's always SOME quirk that a case is just going to be too impractical when it comes to the SP3...

I typically swear by cases for all my expensive devices, but whilst using my SP3 for docking, work, typing, etc. a case just seems to muck things up. Best I've managed to do is a scratch guard that provides minimal scratch protection. Either the case wont let u dock/use the stock kickstand/covers the cooling vents/bulky/doesnt let u use stock keyboard/DOES or only lets u use the stock keyboard/doesnt provide screen protection/i could go on and on... There's just too many dealbreakers, simply bc the way in which its designed.

Now, are there die-harders that at-all-costs MUST HAVE a case? Of course, I am just not one of them =)