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Trident Cyclops Case

This cyclops case allows full use of the Surface Pro 3 Kickstand. Also there appears to be a a part you take off if you want to attach the keyboard.
ordered the white one to replace my maroo folio leather case. I will post a photo or two after i get it in couple of weeks.
It is not waterproof. Just Shock Proof. Water proof cases would pose a real over heating issue for the Surface Pro 3.
this case is soo sexy.. too bad it costs 100$ and USD is crazy strong these days. The only concern I have with this case is that vents are covered- those in top right corner of tablet are essential for cooling and vents made in case are placed more towards center and corner itself is covered. I'd like to know about cooling here, once any of you gals/guys gets it!
Vents are covered but I haven't noticed a performance hit, but I'm not a power user. The port cover over the USB/Mini display port can be flipped open to help ventilation if needed. Trident designers apparently worked with Microsoft so it supposedly meets requirements. I emailed them about heat concerns and they say they have done testing that indicated heat retention isn't a problem. My only real criticism of the case is that the lower right corner has a tendency to not stay securely latched when the keyboard port cover is removed. This is minor - in general I think this is a pretty good case. Access to the edges of the screen for swiping in is a bit tricky at first as there is a raised bezel, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I find the "naked" SP3 difficult to get a good grip on and prefer a bit more girth to grab - this case provides that without a huge weight hit.
Seems like it's similiar to UAG case then, for gaming and 3d I'm using external fan to get better performance, so it isn't much of an issue, for normal browsing/writing/drawing I don't see any difference between bare tablet vs encased. UAG also has issue with lower part- they've made lower side too light only suspended by one rubber strap, so it isn't perfectly sticking to edge of the tablet while kickstand is erected... I can deal with that, same as I could deal with issue you mentioned.

I'll keep an eye out for one that can be shipped to Poland or wait for them to appear here. Sadly Microsoft doesn't have store in Poland and Surface Pro tablets aren't common on market (probably due to high pricetag), so accessories are hard to come by at times- only things that are in real abundance are Incipio cases and sleeves.
I have not noticed any more or less fan activity since I put mine on. I used Maya Zbrush and Solidworks regularly. They designed some channels along the other vent holes for air to flow through and out the back top vents. So they are not completely covered as it may seem. They are just, rather, redirected.