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Where to buy SB Base unit (keyboard/dock) ??? Microsoft won't sell.


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So as my keyboard was stolen Yesterday, I have contacted Microsoft about it, they have refused to sell one :(
As SB is on the warranty they've promised to check with someone "offline" (???) and get back to me.

However I assume that they do not care about their clients (the most basic replacement keyboard/base should be up for sell as it is integral part of the experience).

Is here any one who knows where I could buy used/new/refurbished (doesn't matter the layout, could be even Chinese) ???

Did anyone was in similar situation ? What Microsoft did ?


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Sorry you had your Surface Book Base stolen.

It is not that Microsoft 'won't' sell, but that they 'don't' sell the parts separately.

However, I can locate salvage Surface Book computers on the Web as people sell a broken SB.