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Where to report problems with the Surface?


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How can I contact Microsoft regarding support for the surface via email? I went to the Surface support page and all they have is phone and live chat. The latest video driver update broke almost all of the programs that I use for work (PyMol, Visual Molecular Dynamics, Xwin Server, AutoDock Tools), all of which was fixed by a rollback. I want to let them know about the compatibility problem so that they can fix it for the next iteration.

Cool, thanks. I ended up pasting my question into the live chat. Hopefully there'll be an updated driver within a few weeks. The problem was amusing because I googled the error messages that I was getting and a lot of people were able to fix them by updating their Intel 4000 video driver. That gave me the idea to roll back my driver, and sure enough it worked. I'd love to know what the conflict is.