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Who else just disabled sleep mode altogether?


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It seems like every windows 8 machine (and many mac users have issues with this too) is having issues with sleep mode (going into it, coming out, etc), and this surface pro 3 is no exception. My surface pro 3 was in sleep mode earlier today, and when I tried to awaken it, it would not turn on despite the home button giving the vibration when I run my hand on it, and the keyboard letting up. I had to hold down the power bottom for 10 second intervals several times before it gave in.

Is this a normal issue? that Microsoft is aware of? This and the slow wi-fi is the only issue I have observed thankfully (aside from the kickstand I noted in a prior thread which turned out to be normal).


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Based on past experience, it will probably take about 4 - 6 months or so to have the major bugs fixed.

You should take a look in the event viewer to see what's there. There are 3 main possibilities:
a) bugcheck
b) reboot by SAM
c) none of the above (something else) :)

One possibility is that this is a Connected Standby related bug -- Sleep Mode (S3) is a no more while CS is in, and as with any new feature, it will probably take a while until the bugs get ironed out.