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Who thinks the Surface Pro II will have a larger screen?

What size will the Surface Pro II Screen be?

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I read an interesting article conjecturing that MS's real goal in creating the Surface Pro was to drive their Hardware Partners to put out better devices to compete. Hmmmm, interesting and probably too clever by half, but it is a thought.
Didn't MS themselves kinda said "We're creating the Surface Pro because our hardware partners suck and we need to show them what you can build using Windows 8?"

Well we are at minimum 6 months out from any of these new devices. Assuming you need something now still a good buy.
Yep, indeed. The lower voltage Haswell Chips will be released later this year anyway.


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I personally hope they stick with the 10.6" and even go smaller, using an 11.6" tablet is uncomfortable, I did it for 2 years with the Samsung Series 7. The Surface is a Tablet First and laptop replacement second, the rigid keyboard dock Hybrids work much better in the 11.6" space as they are Laptops First and Tablets Second. Also the growth market is in the mini-tablet space. My dream for the Surface RT 2 is 8.1" with and Active Digitizer.


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My dream is a leggy blond and a new Jaguar but we all have different priorities I suppose

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i wish that leggy blonde would get out of the way so i can see that car. I hope no one left a SP in a box of brussel sprouts in the trunk.