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Why MS doesn't offer the keyboard for SP3 & 4 ?


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One, they wanted to offer a new product.

Two, for a device to work in clamshell form like a laptop, the base has to be large enough and heavy enough to counterbalance the weight of the screen half. This is why the Surface Book has the odd hinge design, and why the Surface Book is lighter than the SP4 despite being a much larger screen. Getting that balance right for something as massive as a Surface Pro would mean a very large, very heavy base, needing a very beefy hinge in order to not wobble and not wear out.


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The Surface Book is 3.48lbs
The Surface Pro 4 1.73lbs
I think he meant the tablet portion... 13.5" screen 1.6lbs. But only a fraction of the battery :)

What would be cool is if they had an optional battery compartment on the Clipboard so you could add or subtract as needed. :) never fly in a million years.


i would just be happy if they made the power keyboard for 4. I have no idea why they don't wana make them anymore
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