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Wifi doesnt wake from sleep


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Hi Folks,

I dont have an SP4 but I'm curious if you guys experience the same thing that I am experiencing with my GB 12.

If my tablet has been in sleep mode for a long time when I wake it up I have no wifi. I must either disable/enable the adapter a few times or reboot to get it back. Is this a Win10 issue or my GB?



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I had this problem with hibernation and found a solution. Search on this forum for a thread titled "Wi-Fi Doesn't Connect Properly on Resume from Hibernation."


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Apologies. Windows 10 has been improving, and settings have been migrating to the new interface.

You will find the setting under Power & sleep, Network connection. See illustration.



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sharpuser, have you noticed much of a battery drain doing this?
I was thinking someone may ask this.

I was expecting quite a battery drain when I started doing this on both my Surface Book units months ago. I am delighted to report that the battery drain is very slight. When I am using one Surface Book for days on end and unplugging / ignoring the other, battery drain in the unused machine means that after about 62 hours, it shuts off the network connection. Until then, I can wake the machine via a VPN service.

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