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Will Huffpost load with Pro 2


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Even if this script starts up again the Surface 2 is so slow writing a comment takes forever. This is not a Pro 2.

You should have been more specific from the beginning. Someone else might be able to test that particular functionality..

This is what a random comment page looks like to me on metro IE11, loaded fine, though I didn't try to write a comment (I never participate in those things):

huffington comments.jpg


Onion and others sorry my question wasn't specific enough. We all have sites that we visit daily. I guess I have three options. Sell my Surface 2, purchase a Surface 2 Pro or hope that Huffington Post will write an App for the Surface 2 soon.
I must admit I don't pick up my Ipad as often. An improvement on the number of Apps is desperately needed to grow the brand.


Loading the site is not a problem. Going to one of their articles is something else. They load so much crap (why do they need to put a slide show on every article?) that the load takes forever and commenting is, sometimes, nearly impossible.


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If the site doesn't load, what about pulling it's content into another app like the default News app or News 360 etc.?


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I've had some weird ones with comments etc. as well. One forum I use works fine in the desktop mode, but in Modern IE, it won't let you comment. You have to press enter with nothing written inside, which brings up an error, and then the cursor is flashing in the comment box so you can type! I don't think I've tried this since Windows 8.1 though.