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Windows 10 Photos app 'unable to connect to OneDrive'


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Check Settings, Accounts and see if the word "Verify" shows up. If it does, you still need to verify your identity on your Surface, even though you are signed in.

Let us know if this solves the issue.


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Right-click OneDrive icon near bottom-right of taskbar. Choose "Quit OneDrive". Wait 20 seconds after OneDrive quits. Then Start OneDrive (From the Cortana search box).


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Tried several times - no luck.
But here's something interesting.....I have a Surface Pro (2017) that just started Photos connection to OneDrive. Would not connect until 22 days ago (according to the screen). Now it won't Refresh even though I've added many pictures.
Just got a Surface Go. That is the one that will not connect to OneDrive now. I don't think this problem is related to the Go because of the experience with the Pro.



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Hey, it seems like you need to reset the Photos app once and check whether it works or not.
1. Open Photos app at Settings >
2. Apps >
3. Apps & Features >
4. Photos app >
5. Advanced Options.

If this does not work you need to re-register your Microsoft account to your applications. The issue generally takes place where the link between the account and the app package is interrupted or gets corrupt after an Update or other complications.
I Hope this helps you out.